Why Use a Travel Agent?

Some questions just can’t be answered by scrolling on the internet.  That’s why having a travel agent to sit in front of can make planning a trip so much easier.

If a client comes in after researching places to travel to on the web, a travel agent with Main Street Travel can then work together on making the obstacles disappear.  Obstacles?  Need Accessible Travel accommodations at a hotel or on a train?  We can definitely make that happen.  Have severe food allergies that could ruin a trip?  We have access to the right people to talk to you about making sure your meals are allergy-free.

What happens when something goes wrong?  At Main Street Travel, all of our clients have access to us 24/7.  Miss your flight?  Arrive at your hotel and the reservation has been “lost”?  Your oceanfront room faces a parking lot?  Call us and we will take care of you.  It’s what we do.

Why do we recommend Allianz Travel Insurance?  Things happen — unexpected loss of job, death in the family, broken bones that need surgery and rehab. Sometimes, clients can get sick while on vacation (bad clams?) or get injured (bungee jumping!).  Allianz can transport you to the nearest hospital and help arrange for you to be taken care of.  Did You Know: your health insurance plan will not cover any hospitalizations or care while you are out of the country.