Kevin and Dee Walek, Virginia

main-street-travel-kevin-dee-walek-travel2A question that I often get asked is, “Why do you use a travel agent when you could make all the plans yourself?” My answer is a good travel agent like ours goes the extra “10 miles” to make things work, even when someone like me has blown their top. We have used Ginny Robinson Leser of Main Street Travel in Front Royal and will continue to do so until she no longer will have us as clients.

This was recently amplified when I received some negative information regarding travel arrangements for an upcoming trip to Europe.  I sent her several emails regarding the matter and, as Ginny was on vacation herself, I did not expect her to do anything on my case until her return 3 days hence.  But not Ginny—within a couple of hours there was an email and she had resolved the problems while working main-street-travel-kevin-dee-walek-travel1from her vacation location. Not only is she focused on service, she also can take a complex travel request and turn it into a perfectly coordinated itinerary. This is why I use an agent, especially Ginny and Main Street Travel.