Quick Facts: Airlines

Did You Know…

  • Airlines charge for more than just the flight.  You can expect to pay a Baggage Fee for every bag that is “checked”: $25. for the first bag, and $35. for the second bag.  These charges apply for flights heading out and then again coming back.
  • With “budget” airlines, you will be charged a fee to reserve a seat in advance.  Or you might be charged extra for an aisle seat or a window seat.  If you want more legroom or a wider seat, you will need to upgrade your ticket.
  • Food on most airlines has been upgraded, but be prepared to pay for meals.  A nice box lunch will cost between $7. to $10.  The major carriers, though, still provide sodas, coffee, and juices at no charge.
  • When ordering a meal or alcohol on your flight, be advised that the flight attendants do not accept cash.  You will need a debit card or a credit card.