A Great Cruise Deal: A Cruise For (Almost) Free

Leading a group on a cruise ship is an easy way for pretty much anyone to get an amazing cruise deal—the sort of deal where the cruise is practically free. As “tour leader,” you can start a group with as few as eight cabins. Eight cabins, with two guests each, gives you “tour leader credit,” which means you are booking your vacation almost free (I say almost, because you’ll still have to pay the taxes and gratuities)!

Not sure how to get a cruise group started to get this deal?

Here are a couple of ideas:

A wedding cruise is one way to get your (almost) free cruise deal.

Weddings at Sea – Weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries: romance is in the air! Cruise lines offer wedding departments, whose reps will guide you through the details to make the event memorable.

Family Reunions – What could be better? Food and beverages (non-alcoholic!) are included, along with entertainment and ports of call. If no one has to cook or lug bags of ice, everyone can spend the days at leisure, relaxing, and then get together at dinner in the dining room. Don’t like Uncle Fred? Put him on the other side of the ship!

Milestone Birthdays/Anniversaries – Want to celebrate a big birthday? Can’t believe your parents have been married fifty years? The lovely part is that any celebration you want to have is a great reason to book a cruise.

Corporate Team-Building – Does your office team need a shake-up to get the juices flowing again? Instead of hosting just another family picnic, why not reward employees with a getaway? Need a conference room for morning sessions? No problem! Cruise lines have your back, and nothing builds company loyalty like time away in the sun!

We can help you get started, so come in and tell us what you’re thinking. We’ll get pricing together. We’ll do all the paperwork and money-collecting. All you have to do is start inviting your guests!

Oh, and depending on the cruise line there could be onboard credit or other surprises, making your great cruise deal that much better . . .