Meet Ginny

Ginny Leser of Main Streeet TravelGinny Leser, the owner of Main Street Travel, opened the agency in 2012.  It was during a period of time when booking travel online was gaining momentum and brick-and-mortar agencies were disappearing.  She asked a local bookstore owner if she could put a desk in the front of his store and try selling travel.  Five years later, Main Street Travel is still in business and looking to expand.  “My clients still use the internet,” says Ginny, “but not for booking.  They enjoy researching the destinations, but they prefer to have my book and manage the details of their trips, using my trusted, vetted sources”.

Ginny has 6 years of travel planning experience but the most important thing she brings is empathy to listen and personally care more about your trip than even you do. She is on call 24/7 while you’re on travel and will be there for you should any emergency arise. She will work together with you, listen to your travel dreams and desires, and can completely plan your trip from your front door and back.

Calling on her personal experience as well as that of our travel planning partners such as GoGo Worldwide, Disney, and virtually every cruise line operating worldwide, Ginny is a specialist at booking personal, business, and vacation travel and will take the lead on most itineraries involving individuals and family vacations. She stays abreast of specials being offered for destinations you would be most interested in, whether it is a 4-night get-away in the U.S. or Caribbean or that once-in-a-lifetime 21-day trip to the Far East or Europe. In the past year she has helped travelers visit; Vietnam, Peru/South America, Scotland, and Africa amongst many others.

Ginny lives with her husband, Jeff, in Front Royal, VA.  They have two grown children, two amazing grandchildren, and three rescued dogs that Ginny lovingly refers to as “the pups”.

Main Street Travel is located at 216 E. Main Street in Front royal, VA 22630. 
Our office is open Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM, Saturday: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM. 
Appointments for other hours are always available upon request.
OFFICE: 540-636-1634    CELL: 540-622-4705